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Kaylie, 23, marketeer living in London, England (:
  Delta Goodrem - Last Night On Earth


It’s perfectly okay to say “No”. It is a skill that you’ll have to learn. You don’t even know the guy, and he makes you feel very uncomfortable. I mean.  You’re a weird and awkward person yourself, but if someone can be weirder and more awkward than you.. then that’s… a straight NO. So it’s okay. She said that isn’t being brutally honest, that’s just being honest - there’s nothing to feel bad about. You can’t please everyone, & it’s definitely better this way.

No way in hell am I going to meet him, like I’ve said - I don’t even know him.

Told you September is going to be weird. & on to the next issue at hand…

(178/300 in about an hour) Funny how I didn’t think my Thursday was bad until I was told that it was… It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t what you’d call a good day at work… Yes, she did sorta raised her voice at me, and her tone of voice was somewhat… ‘aggressive’… but that’s because she was stressed out and was confused with the numbers I gave. Maybe I’m not normal… the way I see things are different than how most people do. The way I speak, or choose my words, or act… is different. Maybe I’m just… socially awkward. I don’t know.

But Friday… Friday. How the fck can so many people ‘need’ me at the same time. If it were B, I think she’d cry. I don’t know. Friday - you were intense. But we’re past that, cus K came to cook for me again. :D yayness for friends that care. I’d probably would have been drinking again if I was alone. Well, I guess I’ve missed the chance of wishing you this year. Don’t even know why I bother remembering.

Well, to sum up (so far) - New friend(s), new shit to feel uncomfortable with&worry about, and a new goal - need to save up for The Boy.

Edit: Funny. I was still stuck in Aug when typing my title… Must have been too tired.